Replace Your Windows And Transform Your Home


Window suppliers should offer a full range of windows in many different styles and price ranges to suit all pockets and applications, from the popular typical British Casement variety to authentic Victorian sliding sash replacements. If you are modernising your first house or upgrading your present home, replacing windows is essential. To make sure the features in your house last, making sure constant repairs to broken things is essential, as well, it makes it easier to modernise.

UPVC Windows are perfect for replacing damaged windows

Ultimate’s in new generating window replacement

  • 65mm ovalo. Available in White, Light Oak & Rosewood. Wood Finishes can have White Internal Finish
  • Planitherm soft coat low-e glass as standard. Upgrade to argon gas filled glass unit’s warm edge spacer bar.
  • Four mushroom locks with Maco shoot bolts night venting and Vecta hinges for casement security
  • Choice of full ovalo frame and sash
  • Wood grain window frames fully reinforced with steel.
  • invisible gasket lines

Sliding slash windows for that historic touch

A replica of a Victorian sliding sash window using modern materials.

Many options are available including sash horns and finger grips. The 150mm front to back measurement is an exact like-for-like as on the box sash, so once the old timber and weights are removed the new complete window fits in its place.

Accurate surveying is essential for this job. Pre tensioned springs make the sliding action easy to use and each slider tilts inwards for ease of cleaning.

Rooflights can change your entire house

Having such a change in architectural design for your house is exactly what to do when revamping and upgrading your home. It adds modernisation in, without the deathly price. An extension is the perfect location for adding rooflights as well as creating a unique space in your home. It allows tonnes of light in, without compromising on safety.

Opening roof lights are perfect for that subtle outside change, but will change the entire dynamic of your house. They usually combine efficient and minimal design with effortless automation. We highly recommend EOS Lighting as they offer an efficient and reliable service. Click here for more information on Roof Lights.