Industrial Glass Manufacturing

Fibreglass Moulding Service

We are top glass manufacturers and we produce an array of products, for example large bespoke mouldings such as the ‘gold leaf’ metallic bar feature .

Also, a number of large-volume fibreglass mouldings are also supplied to a wide range of customers, for example automotive and marine components, both of these fibreglass mouldings have been products in high volumes for many years.

In addition to bespoke patterns and tools fabricated from drawings, their traditional craft skill of hand laying means that our team are able to refurbish and adapt existing moulds, or reverse engineer tools when the originals have been lost or damaged. We also supply a wide range of different glass products including Cathode Ray Tubes click here to find out more.

Fibre glass or GRP, with its inexpensive tooling, remains a cost effective, versatile and reliable construction material for product components across a number of industry sectors.

Whatever the complexity of moulding or the final volume of production, we are always cost competitive, with fast turn around and an exemplary standard of quality workmanship.

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Toughened Glass

We have been toughening glass for many years and have recently installed the most up to date toughening available for the production of specially coated glass to compliment the existing toughening plant for standard glasses.

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We are able to toughen all thinknesses of glass from 4mm through to 25m with the facility to Heat Soak glass for overhead glazing. With a minimum size of 270mm x 170mm up to a maximum of 4500mm x 2500mm nearly all pieces can be toughened.

The ability to toughen all types of glass makes the product very versatile for any application you may wish to choose from standard door to balustrades and canopies.

Processed Glass

Through heavy investments in specialist machinery we are able to met all your requirements for processed glasses.

From a simple polished mirror through to Brilliant cutting and notching we have developed the reputation for supplying the most complex processed throughout the glass industry.

All types of glass may be processed to the following requirements:

  • Polishing
  • Shaping
  • Beveling
  • OG Edge
  • Brilliant Cutting
  • Engraving