General Building Repairs

Structural Repairs

Sadly structural repairs are needed from time to time due to age, settlement or accidental damage and the prospect of undertaking “structural repairs” can be quite daunting.

We can undertake a full range of structural repairs from underpinning of foundations or piling to removal and rebuilding of walls.

Structural repairs of all types are undertaken quickly, confidently and with minimum disruption.

Structural repairs can be carried out under the supervision and to the requirements of a structural engineer – an essential measure to satisfy insurance companies and demanding purchasers should you ever choose to sell the property.

Subsidence repairs

Subsidence can be a serious matter if not dealt with and, whilst distressing, an experienced contractor can carry out subsidence repairs initially to halt the problem and subsequently to put right any damage caused often the work is carried out under building insurance cover.

We deal with all types of subsidence repairs, working under structural engineer supervision to deal with the cause of the subsidence as well as the consequences.

Often underpinning is required and once complete cracked and damaged maisonry needs to be repaired or renewed and experienced tradesmen are available to deal with all subsidence repairs whatever the size.

Window replacements

Despite best efforts there comes a time when even the best maintained properties require new windows and doors.

There may even be a time when window replacements are made for aesthetic, economy or even eco reasons.

We offer helpful practical advice on window & door installation and replacement.

Specialist joiners can offer a bespoke design in soft or hardwood or choose low maintenance window replacements in upvc in a range of contemporary styles and finishes.

Window replacements offer the opportunity to make changes to house design relatively cheaply and easily and we offer friendly practical advice on design, installation and any planning or building regulation implications.