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Upon completion of work we can offer A Structural Engineers and construction Certificate.

This means our work has been thoroughly checked at the various stages of development by a structural engineer and construction, providing you with complete reassurance of the quality of the work carried out on your behalf.

This Certificate will be invaluable when it comes to selling your property in the future.

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We offer up to 25 years on any new roofs or any new builds!

With our contracts we work alongside “Brightwords” who specialise in proof reading, translation and transcription services. They ultimately help us out with the proof reading of our contracts to make sure there are no errors that could be irreversible and affect the whole job in hand, as well as this there are occasions that we offer international construction and engineering services so we use them to help us out with translation in our contracts.

Our contract length is all dependent on how long we believe the job is going to take us to complete 

There are never any hidden costs, we always set up a payment plan so you know exactly how much your paying and we offer an amazing 10% off your first ever job with us!