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The Best Design Changes for your Store

Shop changes to make

Install Automatic Doors

Have you ever considered replacing your manual shop doors for automatic ones? This type of door can provide a wide range of benefits for your business such as an increase in sales, profit boost and is a valuable investment in your store.

A more attractive store

Stylish automatic doors can increase your daily footfall, as the ease of people accessing your shop has increased. Customers are also more likely to make a purchase as the building looks smart and professional, but also the customer experience has been enhanced. Sensors are used to open and close doors.

When people see automatic doors, they typically make an assumption about the company, such as being modern and contemporary. They also highlight that you are a reputable and quality business.

CCTV Systems

In today’s world, it is essential to be able to monitor all activity that is going on in your store. Also, many thefts can also be prevented with the implementation of a proper security system. There are many CCTV systems available to offer your shop a security solution. Click here for CCTV solutions in London.

What are the benefits of a surveillance system?

Loss Prevention

Store theft and stock shrinkage can be cut in half as CCTV acts as a deterrent. If you have a shoplifter caught on camera, you can immediately alert the authorities who can take effective measures for their crime. How effective?

Monitor Customer Activity

CCTV also provides information regarding proper store planning and maintenance. Look at the pattern that your customers have, is the store set out with the customers journey in mind? This can help you determine the best layout to boost sales. Best retail designs.