Are you thinking of starting out in property development?

Property development: how can you start your project?

Take a look at our top tips!

A big thing in the UK is for people to start out in the property development business due to the ability of making a huge amount of money without needing specialist qualifications.

It is a thrilling place to get out all of your creative aspect and is a really exciting job prospect. It is also something that can be done in the evenings and weekends if you aren’t quite ready to quit your full time job.

Due to new planning rules, it is now much easier for developers to get their projects started.

Choose the right location – where in the UK is in desperate need of property?

A lot of people believe that developing property in the most affluent areas is best, but you will have to pay the larger sum in order to begin your project, meaning you may not make as much profit.

The best locations to pick are on the fringe of a good area. But also, think about the buyer. What would be the most ideal location for them and what can they afford? Find out more.

Think about young couples buying a house for the first time or maybe a home for a family.

How are you going to finance the development?

Commercial development finance is your best bet. We recommend choosing a company that has experience as a developer, but can also offer you the best terms for a loan.

For example, Hunter Finance has developed over 250 projects across the South East. HF is a specialist lender as they lend their own funds and are not a broker. Start property renovations today.

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