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About us

About Us

Sedgewall are a multi-dimensional and well-established company who live and breathe home-improvement. Based in Brighton, we have grown exponentially over the last 20 years and have worked with clients from all over the United Kingdom. That being said, we have the means to successfully tailor our services to suit your needs.

Our staff are among the most qualified and well-seasoned in the world of home-improvement and we have experts who specialise from architecture and infrastructure design, to engineering and building – all working in partnership with you for the common-goal of transforming your house into a home.

We provide services from structural repairs to the foundation of your home, to removal and rebuilding of walls and larger structures; all of which require an expert structural engineer to assess the problem and design an effective solution. Our engineers and contractors at Sedgewall have the expertise to resolve the issue swiftly and effectively, while minimising damage and disruption. We also extend our services to the interior of your home; with our affordable specialist advice on design, we can help you with deciding on the style of doors and windows, to flooring and storage – whether you prefer a contemporary, vintage or rustic style.

Sedgewall is an employee owned, independent company offering a broad range of design services.

We are a multi professional design organisation that integrates architectural, building and engineering service, structural and infrastructure design functions, utilising highly qualified and skilled staff, to offer innovative and practical design solutions, tailored to suit client requirements.

Our approach to projects is to focus on client needs, which generates a mutually beneficial relationship that results in repeat business and allows our continuous development and improvement. These ongoing relationships benefit project delivery, design integrity and application of construction technologies.

We have an impressive track record of successfully completed projects that is based on:

• Commitment to project objectives and client aspirations
• Project delivery in a culture of openness and honesty
• A pragmatic approach
• A flexible and co-ordinated design service ensuring total integration of design solutions.